Starting a Safety Conversation

National Safe Work Month takes place each October and provides IPA with a perfect opportunity to engage with our communities and ask people to think about how they can contribute to keeping All Safe, All the Time.

Did you know...

  • Being involved in a vehicle incident continues to be the most common cause of workplace fatalities
  • The transport, postal and warehousing industry had the highest rate of serious claims in 2013–14
  • In 2013–14 there were 106,565 serious workers’ compensation claims in Australia.
  • Each work related injury costs approximately $116,600
  • In 2015, 190 workers were killed in the workplace and 96% were male

IPA has over thirty years experience providing employment and career solutions designed to help organisations and individuals to succeed at work.Keeping people safe at work is our number one priority.

Our approach to safety reduces risk and helps to support an engaged and productive workforce. Our safety commitment extends far beyond our legal obligations and we have invested in world class safety systems to support or safety vision of keeping All Safe, All the Time.

Click here to download our 'Starting a Safety Conversation' guide.