RCSA Awards Winners 2021

It is our great pleasure to share with you the news that IPA has won the Excellence in Social Purpose Award at this year’s RCSA Awards.

Held in Sydney last night, IPA was presented the award due to our diversity and inclusion footprint, and how the overall mission of the company drives social outcomes. 

Buying and partnering with a social enterprise like IPA is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of disadvantage - strengthening Australian communities.  

Here’s how we did that last year: IPA Diversity & Inclusion has designed, developed, and executed several initiatives with no commercial return. The investment from IPA and our partners has been significant to ensure we lead from the front. 


Our initiatives: 

  1. Reconciliation Week 2020 Virtual Movie Night – In My Blood it Runs. 

This event was extended to all IPA employees and clients at no cost. In My Blood It Runs is an observational feature documentary following a 10-year-old Indigenous boy, Arrernte Dujan, growing up in Alice Springs. The documentary was designed to create awareness of Aboriginal culture and petition to raise the age of child incarceration. The event was followed up by an IPA instigated cultural awareness program for all staff, to further build compassion, understanding and respect between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.


  1. NIADOC Week 2020 – Always Was, Always Will Be

IPA Diversity ran a six-week competition and online education program commissioning artwork from inspiring Indigenous artists. Using our platform of followers, and engaging the relevant networks, IPA Diversity showcased these submissions to create both awareness and support for Indigenous communities and culture. 


  1. Indigenous Inclusion Program

IPA Diversity spent six months developing an inclusion awareness program that represents First Nations People, to create an environment that is inclusive, safe and educational. It was drafted by IPA’s Lindsay Thomas (IPA nominee for the 2021 Rising Star award) and supported by Jeremy Johncock, Indigenous Programs Manager at the Adelaide Football Club. The three-hour workshop is designed to challenge unconscious bias within corporate Australia, whilst being educational, inspiring and engaging. 


  1. Pre-Mentoring and Coaching 

The IPA Diversity team have built a bespoke pre-employment program that is cohort specific, role specific and company considered. Our program supports candidates who often get lost in the recruitment process. When they arrive at a job interview and glance around the room, they discover that nobody looks, sounds or comes from where they do. This is a significant barrier for many. Over two days and with no cost to clients or candidates, we build confidence, set goals and educate our candidates through what they can expect in the recruitment process.


  1. The impact we are having as a certified social enterprise

As a member of the genU family, IPA has accepted the mission to lead the way in driving social purpose. We raise awareness, educate and enhance the social impact possibilities through the power of social procurement and through our activities that align with our social purpose. The profits we generate through all of the programs outlined in this submission, in addition to our day-to-day recruitment services are channelled back into genU. In the last 5 years IPA has contributed significantly so that genU may invest back into the community. This has included completing 12 housing projects, and spending over $8 million securing 62 accommodation places for people with a disability.