What's New

Introducing Employment Services Group

The Department of Employment has announced the successful tenderers for the new 5 year, jobactive (Employment Services) contract which commences on July 1st 2015.

With 80 providers on the existing contract including our own PVS Workfind and a number of new organisations amongst the 184 bidders, the interest and competition for the new contract was immense.

Responding to the new employment services environment with its increased focus on employers, we took the opportunity to create a fresh new organisation to deliver future services, bringing together the full suite of recruitment and employment services within the genU Group in an exciting, innovative model.

We are pleased to announce that Employment Services Group (ESG), our new brand, is one of only 44 providers selected to provide services Australia wide. As a result, we continue to be a major force in the Employment Services and Recruitment sectors.

The new contract will see ESG operate in 6 key employment regions in Australia.  It represents an expansion of our East Coast operations, with a significant number of new sites across NSW, Victoria and ACT.

For further information about ESG, visit  www.esg.com.au.