Network Engineer (Oil & Gas)

What You Will Require To Be The Succesful Applicant:

A Process Control Domain (PCD) Control System IT (CSIT) Engineer is a deep technical expert in the support, configuration and periodic change/patching of Process Control Systems and their integration into the overall local network. They are also skilled in the configuration and maintenance network security controls that safeguard the process control layer from outsider access.

  • Organise Information Security work within the PCD
  • Ensure interfaces are clearly defined and documented
  • Review and endorse data communication channels and technology selections for data transfers between systems
  • Ensure ownership and delegations of authority for IT equipment, systems and applications in PCD is clearly defined and documented
  • Ensure necessary asset registers on all IT equipment and applications in PCD are maintained
  • Maintain logical network drawings of PCD components, creating or modifying component information in the database as required
  • Have an overview of security measures implemented and documented non-compliance to Information Security requirements
  • Maintain and execute any site-specific procedures required to maintain PCD security compliance
  • Test recovery plans for the IT function in the PCD
  • Facilitate the scanning of removable media and devices
  • Provide after-hours support on an exception basis

Protection and Monitoring
  • Monitor servers, networks and communication equipment using implemented tools, systems and applications
  • Monitor and execute access control and profile management based on documented business approval
  • Maintain and backup system configuration for servers and network equipment and ensure backups are stored securely
  • Review security logs and provide reports for identifying potential intrusion, and escalate incidents as necessary, ensuring incidents are properly investigated, remediated, reviewed and closed
  • Implement change management and testing procedures for network and endpoint security and ensure endorsement from business
  • Manage anti-virus solutions to ensure all nodes receive effective and up-to-date endpoint protection
  • Perform security updates of operating systems based on recommended frequency

Access Control
  • Facilitate system and user access to applications and systems in PCD through PCAD or SecurePlant
  • Ensure passwords for applications and systems in PCD are managed
  • Ensure users who have documented business need to access systems or applications have authorisation to do so
  • Regularly verify only authorised users have access to relevant systems and applications
  • Ensure users who leave the company, change internal positions or roles, or no longer have business needs immediately have their access rights to the PCD revoked

Business Continuity
  • Ensure Disaster Recovery Plans are updated after changes to IT infrastructure or to the organisation, and that testing is done regularly
  • Evaluate and document backups (frequency, type of copy, type of storage media, retention period, encryption needs nd number of copies) based on documented criticality of systems
  • Ensure appropriate and documented routines for backups exist, as well as documented and tested procedures for recovery
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Given this is a Perth base opportunity that requires an immediate start only Perth applicants will be considered
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