Top tips for online interviews

With many organisations now offering online interviews, we have put together the following top tips to help you have a super successful online interview.

1. Set up

Pick a suitable quiet spot that has good lighting. Set your computer up on a table/desk in a space that looks professional and has minimal background distractions. Avoid having a window with natural light behind you as it can affect the lighting. Set up a lamp or turn on a light in the room if needed. 

2. Do a test run

Do a test run with your device/laptop and the interview platform e.g. Zoom. Arrange an online test using the platform (if possible) with a friend to make sure your video, microphone and internet connection works well and your space looks professional. This will help ensure there are no technical hiccups on the day. 

3. Eliminate distractions 

On the day of the interview, ensure there are no loud noises inside or outside. This includes pets, music or people in your house. Turn your phone to silent. 

4. Be prepared

Do your research on the interviewer and company as you usually would for a face-to-face interview. Have a few questions written down on a notebook next to your computer ready to go. Take notes during the interview to help you remember important information.

5. Dress to impress

Wear the same professional clothes, and present yourself in a way that you usually would for a face-to-face interview. When in front of your computer, sit up straight and smile. Remember this is a formal interview and first impressions count! Have a glass of water nearby. 

6. Go live 

Make sure you are set up and ready to go 5 minutes early. Take three deep breaths before you log on to help calm any nerves you may have. Log on and connect at the agreed time. Make consistent eye contact with the interviewer and stay engaged. When asking a question address your interviewer by name to make it as personal and professional as possible. Speak clearly and don’t rush. Be friendly and professional but most importantly - be yourself. 

All the best!