About IPA Diversity

Have you ever stopped to consider what diversity in the workplace offers you and your organisation?

For IPA, diversity means having a workforce that understands all customers, that can offer new and exciting perspectives on ingrained processes, and that can revolutionise an organisation from the ground up.

For over 10 years we have been helping business harness the full power of a diverse workforce. Our tailored diversity solutions open doors and open minds.

We achieve this by:

Helping businesses to realise their diversity strategies through targeted recruitment.

Educating businesses on the benefits of broadening their applicant pool.

Working alongside and complimenting businesses current recruitment methods to uncover sections of the overall talent pool that they have not previously been able to access.

Finding and fostering good candidates in an economy where traditional ways of attracting talent is not as effective as it once was. Great people get overlooked for a variety of reasons.

We are committed to building a workforce where diversity becomes the norm and we work with clients with that same vision.