Indigenous Inclusion Workshop

The IPA Inclusion Awareness Workshop will help you promote positive working relationships between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in your workforce. You’ll learn about Indigenous culture and communities and how to incorporate Indigenous solutions into your workplace. The workshop will provide you and your team with effective and practical tools of working well together.

Part One: Introduction

  • What do you know about Indigenous culture and issues?
  • IPA mentoring: Lindsay Thomas’ story
  • Indigenous identity and communication
  • Key definitions and Indigenous terms
  • Indigenous communities and individuals
  • Aboriginal culture, belief and value systems, family, kinship and relationships

Part Two: History and the Modern Context

  • Citizenship
  • Closing the gap; understanding the facts
  • History, as it relates to the contemporary environment and workplace
  • Clarifying the business case. Why your organisation may be involved in the Indigenous space

Part Three: Practical Solutions for your Workplace

  • Workplace scenarios and discussions that highlight common challenges and identify practical solutions
  • Aboriginal employment and providing a culturally appropriate environment.