Education & Coaching Services


The IPA Diversity & Inclusion team offers a range of education and coaching services to support  your organisation. This includes the IPA Indigenous Cultural Awareness Workshop, Autism Acceptance Training Courses and the IPA Mentoring & Coaching service.



The IPA Indigenous cultural awareness workshop will help you promote positive working relationships between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in your workforce. You’ll learn about Indigenous culture and communities and how to incorporate Indigenous solutions into your workplace. The workshop will provide you and your team with effective and practical tools of working well together, to create an inclusive environment for all to succeed.

Key learning outcomes

  • Develop a greater appreciation and understanding for Indigenous Australians and communities;
  • Remove the guesswork by appropriately observing, clarifying and demystifying Indigenous matters;
  • Acquire practical tools to manage Indigenous projects and build sound working relationships with confidence.

Workshop outline

  • Part one: Introduction to Indigenous culture
  • Part two: History and the modern context 
  • Part three: Practical solutions for your workplace

About the presenter

Lindsay Thomas is a former professional AFL player who had a successful career at North Melbourne FC and Port Adelaide FC. Lindsay now works at IPA as their Diversity Recruitment Consultant in South Australia. He is passionate about breaking the cycle of disadvantage for Indigenous Australians; building inclusive workplaces; and increasing awareness of Indigenous Australians and culture. Lindsay has experience mentoring Indigenous youth in Melbourne and South Australia and has helped set up participants for success.


To further support you and your organisation along the way IPA and our partner Xceptional provide essential in-house, fee-based training courses on autism acceptance

Autism Friendly, Full Day Training Course

This course will equip you and your teams on how to leverage the unique talents of autistic people. 

  • Understand, examine and challenge the perception of autism
  • Get insight into living with autism
  • Understand the business advantages of employing a neurodiverse team and the unique skill sets autism can bring 
  • Get practical strategies for working with someone with autism
  • Examine the traditional recruitment process so you can tap into this highly-skilled market
  • Explore micro inequalities within business and the principles of universal design.  

Introducing Autism in the Workplace, Half Day Training Course

This course is designed so you and your teams better understand autism, and are well placed to create a positive and inclusive workspace for all. 

  • Define and explore autism and an employee’s perceptions
  • Provide an insight into living with autism
  • Examine the strengths and challenges of autistic individuals 
  • Equip individuals with knowledge and skills to make accommodations in the workplace to support autistic employees.  


IPA provides the manager, candidate and the team members working with the candidate with a fee-based support and coaching service. These services are designed to assist with any challenges and opportunities that may arise and to support the candidate and your teams to thrive.

Designed to bring out the best outcome for each individual and provide confidence and comfort when things go wrong. 

Depending on the individual, these session can vary from 3, 6 to 12 sessions that are a blend of face-to-face, phone, email and Zoom sessions.

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To find out more please email the IPA Diversity & Inclusion Team on diversity@ipa.com.au