building an inclusive workforce through diversity


To Serco, diversity is a top priority. They are committed to building an inclusive workforce across the entire business.

IPA Diversity has been working with Serco since 2012 to expand their candidate recruitment channels through engaging candidates who are seeking to end their reliance on welfare by entering or re-entering the workforce.

Together with Serco, IPA Diversity has tailored a three-day pre-employment training for interested candidates. Our program provides training in skills specific to roles with Serco’s Citizen Services, and has been designed to put candidates in the best position to start their new career in customer service within Serco’s contact centre environment. 

IPA Diversity’s partnerships with local Jobactive and Disability Employment Service providers means we can reach deep into the community to find some of Australia’s overlooked talent. The IPA Diversity team opens doors for Serco and gives them a single point of contact to guide their search.

The information sessions that make up our initial selection process are designed to give all candidates a thorough understanding of the benefits of working with Serco and a good idea of what would be required in the role. From there, they are asked to self-select based on whether the role is right for them, meaning only the most motivated candidates progress to IPA’s entry assessment.

This combination of candidate commitment and assessed suitability gives the IPA Diversity team an exceptional foundation of trainees.

Self-selection and assessment continue throughout the three-day training program. If, at any time, a candidate or IPA identifies that the role is not a good fit, we sit with them to discuss more suitable options. Only candidates who successfully complete the training are referred to Serco’s own recruitment process.

Since February 2013, IPA has managed diversity recruits across Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania, referring over 800 contact centre trained candidates to Serco. Over 500 of these candidates have been employed by Serco and, today, many of these candidates still work there and have gone onto grow their career with Serco.

IPA Diversity is proud to be able to work with Serco to change lives.

“The work preparation course I did through IPA was really helpful in reminding me that I did have skills and experience that were still valuable in the workplace as I had not worked for a few years and what I learned gave me much more confidence in preparing myself for interview.”

- Deanne, Customer Service Representative at Serco.