Our Solutions

Specialised Recruitment

IPA can help you create a more diverse workplace by attracting the best talent for your organisation from a range of cohorts. We do this via our specialised end-to-end recruitment services, which can also help you meet any diversity and inclusion commitments you may have

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Consulting Services

IPA will work with you to understand what diversity and inclusion means to your organisation, and help you create effective workplace practices to deliver on your objectives. 

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Education & Coaching Services

IPA provides cultural awareness and acceptance programs to help remove the fear of the 'unknown' in your organisation. We also provide IPA mentoring and coaching programs to help with any challenges or opportunities that may arise for the hiring manager, successful candidate or team.

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Neurodiverse Recruitment 

With a vision to positively impact people’s lives, IPA aims to create 100 positions for autistic people over the next two years. It also includes training hiring managers from five national employers on autism acceptance.

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