Team Profile-Edward Okuoga

edward Okuoga

Senior Diversity Recruitment Specialist, Victoria

Edward brings to IPA an intimate understanding of a diverse range of communities, developed over a decade working with some of Australia’s largest employment service providers. Edward’s skills in business development and site management, as well as his degree in public relations and organisational psychology, mean he is able to interact meaningfully with all levels of candidates and clients.

Edward chose to join the IPA team to broaden the impact he has on the employment market on a day to day basis. For Edward, diversity covers every aspect of today’s workforce and he is committed to helping organisations make the most of its benefits, to the betterment of the community overall.

Edward also puts his chef and catering experience to good use on the street helping to feed people in need. This volunteer work regularly reminds him of one of the lessons he learnt in the kitchen; it is something useful for everyone working in our field: Lack of one ingredient should never stop you from achieving the final product.