Team Profile - Joel Bates

Joel Bates

Diversity Recruitment Specialist, Queensland

The exciting journey that IPA Diversity is embarking on is what enticed Joel into the IPA team. As a proud Kamilaroi man, committed to contributing to his community through his work, Joel is passionate about what he does.

Joel’s work history in the employment services sector encompasses both not-for-profit and private organisations. His specialisation in finding employment for Indigenous Australians, those living with a disability and those experiencing long-term unemployment combines with qualifications in Business (B.Bus.) and International Business (B.Int.Bus.) from Griffith University. He has already brought his impressive skills to bear in securing partnership agreements with multiple large corporations, assisting them to realise their Indigenous and diversity staffing goals.

Outside work, Joel’s head is either locked in a rugby scrum or the books of the Dreamtime Sports Association, where’s he’s the secretary and treasurer.