Team Profile - Millie Rathnayake

Millie Rathnayake

Millie Rathnayake

Diversity & Inclusion Business Manager, Brisbane

Millie is working with organisations assisting them to shape their diversity and inclusion practices creating meaningful employment opportunities. Maximising inclusive practices and connection, minimizing fear through cultural awareness, mentoring and post placement support.

Millie lives with a disability and is genuinely passionate about breaking down misconceptions and showing the true value of what a candidate can bring to your organisation. 

Her service capability is to be able to create, develop and support the implementation of specialised Pre-Mentoring and Coaching training, mentoring of new starters within roles with a holistic approach. And providing support to Clients interested in gaining further understanding of hiring and supporting candidates within the Diversity and Inclusion sectors. 

Outside of work Millie is a mother of two children who make her very proud and definitely keep her on her toes! After growing up in country Queensland she has enjoyed travelling: living and working interstate learning more about all of the cultures that make up Australia.