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IPA Insights provide our partners with tools and information regarding the current labour market, workforce trends and human resources best practice. Our Insights are available via the links below.

White Paper: Addressing the Barriers Faced by Mature Aged Workers

Mature age workers can bring something special to your business; a lifetime of experience and knowledge that they can pass on to other workers and your customers.

In order to better understand the circumstances surrounding mature age workers, IPA conducted two independent surveys: one with management level employer representatives and one with workers aged 45 years older. Our white paper explores the differences in the perceptions and experiences of these respondent groups and puts forward recommendations to help organisations address the key issues that may prevent them from maximising the potential of the mature age workforce. To obtain your copy of the white paper, click the button below

The Workforce of Australia – Insights 2015/16

This high-level overview will arm you with current market trends, statistics and projections that will assist you in your workforce and career planning for 2016 and beyond.

 Key features of the document include:

  • Working population overview
  • 2019 labour projections across all industries
  • National recruitment challenges
  • Current workforce diversity practices
  • Candidate needs and intentions

State Workforce Snapshots

This series of regional snapshots offers a high level overview of the workforce and industry climate, with an outlook to 2019.

To download the State Workforce Snapshots, click on the links below.

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