Social Impact


IPA’s commitment to positively impact people drives what we do and how we do it. IPA is an accredited social enterprise under the national Social Traders certification scheme. 

IPA’s purpose, business model, governance structure and statutory financial arrangements meet the Social Traders certification criteria.

IPA has invested in social impact expertise with a dedicated function to define, track and report on activities and social outcomes.

Social enterprises are commercially viable businesses existing to benefit the public and the community, rather than shareholders and owners.



What this means for employers

As a certified social enterprise, IPA offers clients its recruitment expertise and national reach on a social procurement basis to support corporate responsibility goals. Clients receive IPA’s expert service in sourcing and placing best-fit candidates while contributing to improved wellbeing in the workforce and wider community ranging from increased diversity, to skills training, accommodation and outreach support for those experiencing disadvantage.


What this means for candidates

As a certified social enterprise with an established and growing national network, IPA offers diverse candidates a rich jobs pool, industry knowledge, and practical advice from an expert recruiter committed to positive impact. IPA places some 6 000 people into temporary and permanent roles across Australia every year while also directing 100% of profits to programs boosting employment and wellbeing in the community.


What this means for the community

As a social enterprise, IPA directs 100% of profits to parent organisation, genU, which is a registered Australian charity and community services provider supporting: people with disabilities, unemployed people, people with chronic illness, and people aged 65 years and over.



As a social enterprise, IPA is committed to delivering workforce solutions in partnership with employers to boost the volume and value of social procurement in Australia. This is part of our commitment to positively impact people.

Social procurement is an effective and ready option for any organisation to help reduce disadvantage in Australia. It applies client buying power to ‘social benefit suppliers’, such as IPA, that are working to address or reduce social challenges while also delivering necessary services and products.

Engaging IPA on a social procurement basis adds value for employers by:

  • Demonstrating organisational values to stakeholders
  • Building reputation as an employer of choice
  • Putting corporate responsibility plans into action

Social procurement is when organisations use their buying power to generate social value above and beyond the value of the goods, services or construction being procured.

- Social Procurement Framework, VIC. Gov

Partnering for Impact

As a certified social enterprise, IPA understands that collective action across government, business and the community offers the best chance of tackling disadvantage. 

IPA aims to raise awareness, educate and enhance the social impact possibilities through the power of social procurement. That’s why we commissioned first-of-its-kind research into social procurement activity across Australia and New Zealand.

We learnt that:

  • Social procurement is on the rise
  • Organisational values are the strongest driver among organisations that engage in social procurement
  • Indigenous-owned, Maori and Pacifika-owned businesses are dominant social benefit suppliers
  • Organisations can still improve setting social procurement targets and tracking social outcomes to really help shift barriers to wellbeing


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