Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are you looking for?

We’re looking for disability support workers who have recently left the sector or disability support students who have done their placement, who are prepared to sign up for a register to fill critical shifts over winter. Qualified candidates must have or be willing to obtain appropriate worker clearance and police checks, and must not be currently working in disability support.


2. What is the Winter Relief Workforce about? 

Winter and flu season means we need to create a national register of skilled former disability support workers willing to fill local shortages temporarily. The Winter Relief Workforce is a special team of qualified disability support workers, signed up to fill critical shifts over winter.

3. Who is behind the Winter Relief Workforce?

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is working with IPA Personnel to assemble and manage the Winter Relief Workforce so that critical staff shortages can be filled over winter.

IPA Personnel is a certified social enterprise recruitment agency, and it is experienced in supporting candidates across a range of industries. 

The NDIA is an independent government statutory agency responsible for implementing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 


4. Why should I support and register for the Winter Relief Workforce?

Across the country we are looking for people willing to sign up to the register as part of the Winter Relief Workforce for disability support workers.

Winter and flu season means we need to create a national register of skilled disability support workers willing to fill local shortages temporarily.

You could be a part of a team lending a much-needed hand throughout a difficult time:

  • If you are you a former disability support worker or final placement student,

  • Have the appropriate worker clearance and police checks,

  • And you are prepared to do paid shifts over winter when there is a critical local need.


5. I am a provider, what should I do if I require support from the register?

Disability support providers can contact NDIA Provider Support by emailing, or lodge a 13A notification with the Commission. The NDIA will then work with you to determine the right supports. Where appropriate, a workforce request will be referred to IPA. Providers will pay IPA who will source a suitable recruit. The recruit will be renumerated by IPA Personnel Services.



6. How do I join the Winter Relief Workforce?

You can begin your application for the Winter Relief Workforce at the form here, providing five simple pieces of information which will be kept confidential. 

An IPA representative will then be in touch to discuss what’s needed to finalise your application, managing this process for you as you join the team.

7. Why do I need relevant clearances, such as the NDIS Worker Screening Check or Police Check?

These clearances are a legal requirement for anyone providing disability support in Australia – although the exact requirements may vary slightly based on your state and circumstances. 

By confirming that you have or are willing to obtain relevant clearances, we can progress your application.

If you don’t have relevant clearances or if these have lapsed, we still encourage you to apply – financial support may be available to obtain what you need and fast-track your entry into the Winter Relief Workforce.


8. What qualifications do I need to be accepted as a Winter Relief Workforce recruit?

Winter Relief members need to have the following skills and qualifications: 

We are seeking candidates with a minimum of Certificate III in Disability or equivalent qualifications and experience working with people with disability.


9. How can I prepare for a potential placement?

To prepare for a placement you can read the NDIS Code of Conduct and complete the four free modules available at eLearning for workers. You can also become familiar with the NDIS worker screening check. IPA Personnel will ensure all workers are appropriately trained and inducted prior to any workplace deployments.